March 15, 2009

Harry, Shannin, Christy and I climbed the hill just to slide down and hit a bump which caused us to bounce off into separate heaps in the snow. We had two sleds that we used, Christy used one while Harry, Shannin and I shared the other. My mother took the pictures from down below. It was too much for her to walk up close to where we were so we are off in the distant too small to see. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to go again.

It was only a two hour drive to LaPorte where the snow is deep enough to play in. It was very crouded there as people on snow mobiles were having fun riding through the beautiful country side. There was a group there selling food and raffling of various items. We brought our own hot dogs and gas grill to heat them up on. We also had hot chocolate which we drank when we were finished playing in the snow.

A Trip to the Snow

My niece Christy rode down the hill with little 2 year old Shannin. Shannin kept saying "again!" She had gone down twice with her her grandpa and I and twice with Christy. It was difficult to climb the hill as our feet sunk down until we found ourselves knee deep with each step. We had so much fun!

New Calf Born Breach

Harry had to help to pull this calf. I didn't have my camera with me and used my mother's after the event had occured. The calf was difficult to pull but was up and eating within a half hour after birth. He was shivering in the very cold winds as his mother was cleaning and warming him.

We noticed the calf when we were driving up the lane as Harry has the habit of helping to feed the cows by throwning the hay off the skip while my mother drives the tractor. I saw the feet of the calf and had the impression that something was wrong, so we watched the cow and realized that she was trying to have a calf that was breach. My mother got the chain and put it on the calf's feet and Harry, being the stronger of the three of us, pulled the calf.

October 3, 2008

A Little Crack Up

Well I didn't see a little grey Dodge Spartus car as I was merging onto Freeway 80 in Sacramento, and side swiped it. I was driving Harry's VW Jetta and bent the fender and smashed up the mirror on the Driver's side. I wasn't able to open the door on the drivers side so I had to climb out of the passenger side to exchange information with the other driver. The other car looks just as bad as mine only the Dodge completely lost it's mirror on the passenger side. Woudn't you know that the other driver didn't have insurance or liscence plates on her car, you need insurance in order to liscence the car. I went ahead and went to work. When I got home, Harry climbed in through the passenger side to get into the driver's seat to take us to town to get an estimate on his car. On the way he asked me," f-in-what?" I said "f-in-uh?" He said, "where is the car repair shop again." I laughed and said, "Oh, Fst and 14th." Well now we are driving a rental and Harry's car is getting repaired and neither of us has to climb over the passenger seat to drive the car.

September 26, 2008

Yes I died my hair and grew a goatee. I asked Bonnie to let her hair grow out and not to die it. She cut her hair and died it, so I changed my hair color and grew out my wiskers.

August 24, 2008

Trip to Chester, CA

We went this weekend to Chester for grandma's birthday. She likes to go to a Mexican restaurant there, and with their pastor Al Moody who was archery hunting. We had tamales, Chile rejanos, enchiladas, fajitas and chips with salsa. We then went back to his camp where we walked around the camp and enjoyed the spring and small ponds the spring fed. We were able to catch some does near the road that we traveled on and enjoyed the scenery.

Working with the Cattle on the George's farm

We have been working with the cattle on Grandma's farm. Spraying them for flies, giving them shots of penicillin for Pink Eye and making sure they had ear tags for identification purposes. Harry has been initiated really well with cattle manure fresh from the cow itself as he helped push the cows through the squeeze shoots. He had to dodge kicks, flicking tails and moving hooves. The cows didn't like the process at all and were at times uncooperative. Grandpa has had enough herding cattle and wants to get rid of many of them, grandma on the other hand wants to keep each and every one of her friends. Harry even has worn a cowboy hat.